10 Signs You Were Raised in Chile

10 Signs You Were Raised in Chile

Chile is a beautiful country with jaw-dropping landscapes, spectacular wine, and delicious seafood. Perhaps what most sets Chile apart from the rest of the world are its people; friendly, humble, and respectful. Whether you’ve lived in Chile your whole life or have visited for an extended amount of time–there are certain things that you will identify with, certain things that set Chileans apart. Here are some signs, certain “chilensimos” that Chileans will identify with. If you agree with 7 out of 10 of these things from the list, sorry to tell you–but you are probably Chilean. (jk jk jk, I love Chileans. I mean, I’m marrying one, so…) Here are the 10 signs you were raised in Chile:

1.  You could live off of three things: tea, bread, and avocados. Oh, and pisco…so four things. (Throw in an empanada, a hotdog, and a sopaipilla every once in a while for good measure.) This is basically your diet:

chilean food pyramide

2.  Your age directly corresponds with the amount of money you spend on promos (a special deal where liquor and soda are sold together). As a youngster you were okay with spending the least amount possible on some nasty pisco like Capel or Mitjans’ rum…but by the time you reach 25-ish you’re willing to spend the big bucks on Alto del Carmen or Mistral, or even some Havana if you’re feeling fancy.

3.  The word “wea” and all of its derivatives (weon, wear, weona, aweonaito, aweonao, etc.) constitute about 50% of your vocabulary.

5.  You grew up listening to Los Prisioneros, Sandy y Papo, El General, and Elvis Crespo.

6.  Once is the best part of the day when you are not only allowed, but encouraged to spoil your dinner by drinking tea with tons of sugar and eating marraquetas with smooshed avocado and hallullas with butter and marmalade. (If it happens to be raining that day, you get the added bonus of eating sopaipillas).

7.  You can probably quote at least one poem by Neruda, Parra, or Huidobro in its entirety. You Chileans have some amazing poets, I’ll give it to you. “Me gustas cuando callas…”

8.  You’ve been hanging out with the same people since colegio with no end in sight.

9.  Every time you hear the national anthem it brings back memories of singing it in elementary school every Monday, decked out in your white coat and tie.

10.  You think the final s, d, and r’s in words are optional, ¿verda?

What do you think of the list? What else should be added? As always, this list was made with love and respect to all my Chileans out there–so no hate mail, please. K thanks :)

raised in chile

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  1. Great insights and totally agree with you in many points! Cool to know there’s other Chilean blogging out there! Best wishes on the road weón!

  2. Javiera Wood

    Love the style of your blog and the points of the article! Lo unico que les falto es un buena cueca o no?

  3. LAME, sorry, but not even close to nail it.

  4. I’d add a few more:

    -If you want a dog, just walk outside and adopt one off the street.
    -Earthquakes are a way of life. The earth moves, things fall, you keep going and wait for the next one.

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